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Dream 06.12.2013
Halloween, Calypso

I don’t remember how it started, as it was another long one, so I’m going to jot down what I do remember (not necessarily in the right chronological order, sorry!).

There was a mine or quarry. It was HUGE! Most of it was open cast mining, so the landscape was horrifically scarred. I’m not sure what they were mining for, but the earth was a red/orange colour, claylike consistency. There was a lot of water about too, so everywhere was slippy and pretty yuck. On the one side of the open cast area was a series of concrete structures; offices, mess hall, and tunnels that led down into the earth, where I think they were mining/searching for something else.

The people were predominantly Hispanic, the smattering of white people there seemed to be management/security. For some reason there were children there too and women, it was almost like they not only worked there, but were housed there; I’m guessing in one of the large concrete bunkers scattered behind the main workface. It was slave conditions and I have no idea why I was there!!

I think there were tremors, as I remember at one point the workers; men, women and children being herded into the bunkers as I heard something like thunder and the ground rippled and shook beneath my feet. I don’t remember interacting with anyone specifically; in fact it was almost as if I wasn’t really there. Then a large tremor hit and there was dust and rubble falling from the roof of the tunnel I was stood in, someone grabbed my arm and yelled at me to get moving. I couldn’t see who it was until we were out of the tunnel and free from the clouds of dust. It was Carl and I knew he was saying something, but the noise from inside the tunnel had muffled my hearing. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and it was Jeanette from work. She was yelling too and gesturing towards the sky. I looked up and really wished I hadn’t – it was like the Nothing (again!!) from The Never-ending Story; dark, evil clouds were racing across the clear sky, but there was fire and smoke raging in them. I felt the menace, the presence within that seething, rolling wall of evil. Jeanette turned and ran for her car (the black Range Rover), Carl ran for his car (red sports car, soft top Porsche or TT). I took a brief second to decide which car and ran for Carl’s. We got in and sped away from the cloud.

*             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *

There was something based in space at one point. Carl was still there. I think we were on some kind of spaceship, as I remember seeing the Earth out of one of the windows. It was stunning! It reminded me of the observation room on Destiny, there was even a bench seat, on which Carl and I were sat. We were talking about how far we’d both come and the friends we’d made (I’m guessing they were the ones who owned the spaceship lol!). Although, I didn’t see any evidence of these “friends” so have no idea what kind of alien we were dealing with (if that’s what they were!). I asked him how he was finding things; if there was anything else he needed to know or wanted to learn about his Gift (!). I could sense that this time the two of us were gifted! It was odd having someone there that I knew IRL having the same gift as me, but it was cool. It did feel that together we were stronger.

*             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *

Outside, back on Earth, somewhere fairly remote. I think something had been given to a group of people, perhaps by our “friends” with the ship! There were a couple of guys and a box. They emptied the box and inside it there was a helmet and a single glove; techie stuff, the helmet was like a more advanced and cooler (creepier) version of the Optimus Prime toy that Josh has. Inside it there were wires/screens, etc. It was a bit scary looking tbh and the glove (although more like a gauntlet, as it came up the arm almost to the elbow).was the same construction. The men in suits were expecting either Carl or me to put these on; that only someone with our abilities and connections to our “friends” would be able to use them. Neither of us were particularly keen; we didn’t know what would happen or what they were for. For some reason the men in suits handed the thing to me first. I glanced at Carl and he offered to go first, but I didn’t want to risk putting him in danger as I’d been aware of and using my gift longer than he had. So I put the helmet on and…nothing!! Not one thing happened!! So, I took it off. The men in suits were getting agitated and tried to take the helmet off me to make Carl try. I stopped them. Somehow (don’t know how) I remember I’d seen this before, there was a switch on the inside to the left of the left-hand screen which I flicked down. It was tiny, so wasn’t visible, but I knew where it was. Then there was another to the right, again not visible. Having turned them on I knew that something was likely to happen when I put it on, although there were no indicating lights that the thing was active, I could feel it. Reluctantly I slipped it back on my head, and yet again, nothing happened. They were about to grab it off me, but I told them to place the gauntlet on me. They slipped it onto my right hand and I waited. It was dark and I couldn’t see or feel anything, then there was a tingling sensation on the lower left side of my skull, at the back. It spread across my head and wham; I was in a field, surrounded by people. The helmet was gone, the gauntlet had gone, but I couldn’t figure out if I was actually somewhere else, or if it was like a virtual reality type thing! There were kids playing in small groups and some of the adults dotted around had actual wings!! The kids could levitate and fly about. The field was like a summer meadow, the sky a bright blue, the whole place felt, looked and even smelled pure, blissful and serene!! None of those about me noticed my presence (evidence for virtual reality perhaps?!). Then I felt it, the menace, the creeping, gut twisting fear and there in the distance was the cloud; that cloud! I tried to yell, to get them to see what was coming, to try and save them, but there was nothing I could do. They didn’t or couldn’t hear me. Some of them saw it approaching and they ran/flew in terror. It was racing towards me and I couldn’t move, I think I was screaming.

END. (I think!!)


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