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Dream 12.09.2013
Halloween, Calypso

I was back in Studley and had just had a meeting with someone down Station Road, just down from the turning into Monks Drive/St Jude’s Avenue. I think it was a Doctor/shrink I’d been to see – something about my abilities. I was then meant to have a further meeting back at my parents where others were going to be in attendance to interview me. I said I wanted to walk there, which displeased the Dr, but she could do nothing about it. I left the house, it was a bright, sunny day and there were no cars about. I was walking up Station Road when I saw the SUV of the Dr, but in the car with her were 3 other people. If these were the folks that were going to my parents, then they had been present and observing my private session with the Dr!! I could see that one of the people at least was wearing a military uniform, probably an officer and I was not happy about that. I stopped walking and she could see that I had seen them and I watched as she pulled into the next road and started to 3-point turn to come back. I turned back and went up St Jude’s and as I got to the start of St Augustine’s I started to run down there. It was effortless though, like I was barely touching the ground. There was a kid just outside of Michelle’s old house who stopped me from going past. I don’t remember what we talked about, but I saw the Drs car go past the end of the road, which prompted me to get going.
Somehow I ended up in a lab. It was similar to the school Biology and Chemistry ones; board and computers at the front and rows of benches. There were a few others in the lab. We were investigating a disk that had been found by one of the people in the lab. It was part of some military set up and I knew we weren’t the owners of the disk. We needed to find out what was on it though. It was a bit ‘Terminator; the Sarah Connor Chronicles’ at this point, in fact 2 of the others there could have been John and Sarah. The one in the lab coat could have been the Dr from the car, but also could have been Abby from NCIS. Information started to appear on the screen of the laptop and I was able to understand it, even though it was symbols and formulae I’ve never seen before. The Dr then started accessing parts of the programming and moved to another PC and was about to remotely access the laptop; giving it network access. This was bad. I told her to stop, that we couldn’t allow it access to the network, especially one as sensitive as this lab. She wouldn’t listen. Then her terminal started to go weird and I realised it was the programme trying to access it! I quickly went to the laptop and ctrl/alt/del it, then formatted it, the whole hard drive and disk completely. Her terminal activity stopped and she went ballistic. I explained why I had to do it, but she still seemed pretty peeved.
All change to somewhere out by the sea. There was a large beach house; 3 storeys high and up on stilts – it didn’t have a large footprint though. There were no other dwellings to be seen anywhere and it was out, almost like it was in the estuary!! I think this had something to do with the disk, but I was with NCIS now and it was Tony and myself that had to get into this beach house. We went up the steps and could see into the first floor through the glazed door; there was a body! Tony picked the lock and we went in, he went to investigate the body and I headed up onto the 2
nd floor where I found the office. Tony was complaining about the sand and sea water ruining his really expensive Italian shoes. He was being pretty funny though. I saw that there were local cops about to show up and what looked like FBI/CIA type bods. We did not need to be caught there with the body!! I went back down and told Tony what was happening. We went to the back away from the approaching cars/people and I suggested leaping down and making a run for it. Not that there was anywhere to hide once out of the house! Tony refused to even try it, but I got out onto the balustrade and leapt, landing perfectly of course! I watched Tony get grabbed by the Feds and then I ran for it, but turned to see Gibbs pointing his gun at me and warning me not to move. I did try and say I was on his side!! Matters were resolved somehow and Gibbs and I were walking back along the beach chatting. He was saying something about how someone with my talents really ought to use them for something good and useful. I said something back to him along the lines of ‘what like you?’ and he laughed, a proper belly laugh, which made me start to laugh too. There were other bits and pieces to this, but don’t remember. I think at one point there was a large marquee type tent with camping beds set up down one side. But not sure where or how this fits in!!


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