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Dream 09.09.2013
Halloween, Calypso

Another shopping centre! This time I walked in through the rather grand glazed entrance to see a large avenue in front of me extending to the left and right. In the centre was an area of fake grass, on a raised bed about 12foot across and going most of the length of the avenue. On there were 6/7 pairs of dancers doing ballroom. Their outfits were all black and white; a stark contrast to the vibrant green of the grass. In fact the whole of the mall seemed to be monochromatic in style, again chic boutiques. The avenue leads to a square in which there was seating and 3 others avenues leading from it. I think there were trees/planters in the centre, formed like an oasis in a sea of white & black marble, and chrome fixings. I went to the right of the avenue that continued from the one I had entered by out the other side of the square.
This exit leads straight back out of the shopping centre onto a large balcony area looking out over a quayside, river and bridges. The air smelled of the sea and that pungent sniff of drying seaweed. I could see cranes and dockyard works directly in front of me and to the left. To the right was the old harbour/quarter of whatever port town I was in. I started to head that way when I noticed a man stood several feet in front of me and to my right. He was looking towards the building I had come out of – the side of which looked very much like that building on Cardiff’s seafront; the bronze curved building. His right side was to me and I noticed he was wearing a long, black coat. It was cold, probably late November, early December time. The sky had the weak Winter sunshine look to it. His hair was white and long, just passed shoulder length (a touch shorter than usual) and he had a silver topped black cane. It was Lucius Malfoy! He turned slightly and saw me. I immediately stopped and he walked over, speaking greetings and pleasantries (as pleasant as Lucious gets anyway). I turned, ignoring him and proceeded to walk away. He followed me still talking, protesting that I was being unreasonable, that I needed to listen. I was carrying a bag, like I do, slung over my left shoulder, resting on my left hip. I suddenly realised my bag was open and something that Lucious wanted was in there (my wand?). I pulled the bag round just as he was reaching for it. I glared at him and he retreated slightly. I came to the edge of the dock. It was about 20-30 feet to the river below – the tide was out so the far side of the river was mainly mud banks and flats. I stopped and turned, realising I’d cornered myself. Lucius sneered triumphantly and lunged towards me and my bag. I sidestepped the Death Eater’s speed easily and he sailed over the low dockside wall and landed in the murky, muddy waters of the tidal river. I watched as he managed to drag himself to the muddy opposite bank, there being no way back up onto the dockside on my side. I called something down to him, then looked across the river to the other side. I could have gone back, should have probably, but something was urging me to go forward. I didn’t fly this time though. I just stepped out into thin air. I could feel the “air” give slightly, like walking on soft sand, but it held and I just walked straight across the river, above Lucius who was cursing below. I continued over the muddy banks and marshlands only touching down when there was pavement. This side of the river was underdevelopment and the place (or whatever) I was looking for, was somewhere around there, but I wasn’t sure where. I found the site hut and followed one of the Hi-Vis wearing workmen through the door into the hut. There was an office off the small corridor, in which were 2-3 secretaries and office staff. I carried on to the break room and one of the guys in there was security. I poked my head round the door and explained my predicament that I was a little lost and required some help. At first no one was interested and I was upset that I was being ignored. I then mentioned a name; the person whose errand I was on and the atmosphere immediately changed. I don’t remember the name… Most turned away, even more purposefully ignoring me. One of the black fleece wearing, Hi-Vis sporting security guards offered to help though as the construction site didn’t need any trouble from that person. Really wish I could remember who it was! He was leading me back out of the hut, across the construction site and away from the river.


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