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Dream 08 09 2013
Halloween, Calypso
There was a shopping centre, high end, high brow place with boutiques and designer fashion stores. I was with Erica and the sales assistants and personal shoppers in this one shop we were in were going gaga over her perfect petite body shape while I was getting practically ignored, apart from the occasional sneering looks flashed in my direction. I didn’t give two hoots for the most part, but this one group of Estee Lauder-esque girls then started on me while Erica was dragged away to try on this “perfect little number” that had just “been waiting for her”. It was a black/grey mesh dress with panels of military style heavy material. Long sleeves and a high neckline made it all look rather severe. The blondes were pointing out everything wrong with me while Erica was over the other side of the shop. Although I wasn’t the slim person I have been, I was not the heffer I am in real life! Even I was starting to lose my patience with their bitching. I’m not sure if I just shoved back the one at the front of the group with my hand, or if something more psychic slammed her on to her skinny little ass. If it was just a shove, then I can’t see why I felt the need to then leg it out of there, down several escalators and along one of the large avenues you get in these complexes. It was a leisure and shopping centre apparently. One side of the large avenue had the stainless steel and plate glass of the fashion outlets and the other had a rather elegant, Victorian crossed with 30s Art Deco thing going on; dark wood, red velvet curtains, Art Deco glass panels (wonderful!!). I shot through one of the double doors. I did not see anyone chasing me, but I could feel it. Like in The matrix, if I could the eye of any of those people around me, then their expressions would change and if they were with someone, they’d whisper and point at me. I could overhear snippets and they were outlining what I’d done and who I was – it was pretty creepy.
I realised running wasn’t going to work, so opted for getting out of sight and hiding somewhere. I slipped into one of the cinema screens (dark enough that they could only see a silhouette you see so not identify me). I sneaked up the side of the auditorium and found another exit door in a recess, which I took and it lead to a dimly lit back of house staircase. I went up for some reason – roof perhaps? Fly out of there? I realised as I was walking up them that the staircase had morphed into the one at AGS in the 3-storey block. As I realised this the rest of the building appeared and I was at the top in the art room. There I ended up sat at one of the tables and had a small slip of paper that had very close together ruled lines on it. I think the paper was baby pink in colour and the lines a slightly darker dusky pink. I think there was a logo in the top right hand corner. The paper was only A6 size. I had a fountain pen, but one with a strange nib that had two possible writing points in one; a calligraphy style one on the top, but underneath a slim fine liner. To use that one you had to hold the pen at a very shallow angle; keeping the other nib off the paper. I could then write very small, fine characters on the tight lines of the paper. I was writing a letter to Mac. I don’t remember exactly what it said, I think there was an explanation of what had occurred that day and an apology. A girl came into the room and she had a small boy with her, probably 5 or 6yrs old – too young for the school! I didn’t recognise either of them. The girl was dressed in the school uniform and had a prefect badge on the lapel of the blazer. She told me that he would see me in 15mins. I explained that I was not there to see anyone. She said she would be back in 10mins to take me to his office. I said I wouldn’t be there. She left, the boy stayed and he was sat on the table next to me. He was trying to read the note. I folded it over and wrote Mac on the front using the calligraphy nib of the pen. I left it on the table, telling the boy to pass it to the girl when she came back and that if he didn’t do it I would know. He nodded, but said nothing until I went to the door and tried the handle.
He said that they would always be after me. I sighed and nodded, “I know.” I replied without turning and then opened the door. He then said that only he could help, that I had to stay. “No.” I said, I turned to look at him as I started through the door. He had sandy blond hair, was a bit grubby looking and had big brown eyes that were tearing up. I almost went back, but I couldn’t. “Give that to the girl, he’ll understand what I have to do.” His bottom lip started to quiver. I turned and left.


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