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Dream 22nd August 2013 part 2.....
Halloween, Calypso

Part 2…?

I’m not sure how it started, or if there was some cross over from the other dream and the way I faded from that dream, meant I could fade into the new one. I may have woken up following the previous dream and that’s why I ended up in a completely different location/situation.

The place had a huge warehouse feel to it, but with various levels and this one, where I started, was underground. There were metal gangways around 2 walls and metal ladders up to them. The floor was concrete and the walls corrugated steel and breezeblock. There were dozens of cases, like the ones the military use stacked around the sides and down the centre of the space. The lights illuminated everything with that awful yellowy colour. There were tables to the front of the space and laboratory type equipment, microscopes, machines, test tubes, etc. There were large storage tanks down one side of the room, opposite the side with the gangways and ladders. They looked like stasis chambers; glass panels to the front, condensation on some, others empty I think. I was on an examination table in front of these chambers. There was one of those large, bright surgery lamps above me (thankfully it was not turned on!). I was strapped down and could only move my head side to side. I could see a guy at the lab tables, writing. I started to struggle against the restraints and yelled at him to let me go.

He turned round and headed my way. He was medium height, tanned face, military fatigues, small round glasses, beard, and curly dark hair (longer than I suspect was traditional in the Army). There was a name on his fatigues, but I couldn’t make it out as he bent over me. His breath smelt like tobacco and coffee. He put his finger to his lips, got real close to my face and shushed me!! Then he went back to the table and I noticed a slight limp, right side. I was infuriated!! I struggled again and felt the one round my left ankle loosen slightly, not enough to get free though. He called someone over the walkie talkie and a few minutes later 2 armed guards approached along the gangway and down the ladder. The lab guy had opened one of the chambers and it had something that looked like the padding you get in video camera cases, but there was a person shaped cut out in it! Wires and electrodes came out of the back of the door, which were obviously there as a monitoring system. The guards stood either side of me while the lab guy started to undo my restraints. I waited until all of them were free and then shot my left leg out and down, hard against the side of his knee on the leg with the limp; there was a satisfying crunching sound. It was so fast the guards didn’t have a chance to stop me. He yelled and buckled to the floor, rocking on his back in agony and cradling at the very least a dislocated knee. I was off the table and on my feet in front of the armed guards in a flash. They were both now aiming their guns at me, yelling at me to get down on the ground or they’d fire. I refused and was just standing there (feeling pretty smug about the guys leg to be honest). I backed up towards the lab table and there was one of those stereotypical “big red buttons” that you probably shouldn’t push. The guards realised where I had been heading and their threats increased, to the point of hearing the safety (I’m guessing) click off and them take a step closer. The guy on the floor had managed to drag himself upright with the table I’d been on as support and was ordering the guards to stand down. I hit the button.

For minutes it seemed like nothing was happening, then the chambers on the left of me released clouds of vapour, enough that I was obscured from view for a moment. I headed out of the corner and towards the first ladder, but the vapour soon dispersed and the guards clocked me again. One trained on me, the other on the opening chambers. Alarms started to go off around the facility. A blonde girl burst out of the 3rd chamber and as she did I saw wings unfurl from behind her (awesome!). She was slim, pretty with silvery gray feathered wings. The guard went to fire, but the down draught from her wings as she left the ground knocked him back. The lab guy was still ordering them not to shoot. I could hear over the walkie talkies the men had that other guards were heading in our direction, but none had yet emerged from the doors along the gangways. Several of the other chambers had now released their occupants and the girl was directing them towards the ladders. These others were obviously much like her, and had their own special abilities. It was like X-Men Origins! The guards were being taken out by energy bolts and there was a mist appearing from nowhere. The girl had flown up to the gangway and looked pointedly at me from up there; she yelled down that I was useless if I wasn’t going to use what I had to help them!! I wasn’t entirely sure what it was that I had to be honest… I was about to head across to the ladder and get out when I heard thumping from the chamber I’d been stood next to when I’d pressed the button. I could see that the others had gotten out and the winged girl was off through the door too. I could also see guards heading through the doors at the far end of the warehouse. Their boots were so noisy on the metal gangways. I grabbed the edge of the chamber door and heaved it open. A guy about my age fell out, shirtless, brown hair, brown eyes, pretty damn fit. I asked him if he was OK. He nodded and I shoved him towards the ladder. Some of the guards had headed down the ladders at the far end and were racing across the warehouse floor towards us, others had continued on the gangways and were on the verge of cutting off our last remaining escape route. He climbed the ladder in seconds and I was on my way up when the lab guy (somehow) grabbed a hold of my ankle. I felt the energy travel down my body and slam into him, knocking him hard onto the floor. He looked shocked (obviously I’d not done that before!). The guy had waited for me at the top and helped me onto the gangway, I told him to run, which we did. We went through metal double doors, being pursued by a whole army (virtually). We made it through several other rooms/doors and headed towards a ramp. Then I caught sight of the others and told him to go with them, that there was something I had to do. He tried to protest, but I’d already started off through the next room and in this one it looked like an army surplus store (great cover!!). Heading towards me was Derek Reese and John Connor from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, guns drawn.   Behind me a woman in army fatigues had appeared, no gun pointing at me, but holstered. She had black hair in a bob, pale skin, pretty short. She had her hands out trying to assure me she was no danger, etc, etc.
It was at this point I saw the skylight above me and thought of flying out of there. That triggered the thought about Prague and Charles Bridge…weird! Which then, of course, made me realise I could change it all around me and head there, but I was interested in where the dream was already going!! Those Inception ideas about triggers and such have obviously stuck in my head!!
Unfortunately, just after those thoughts, my alarm went off…booooo!


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