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Dream 10.09.2013
Halloween, Calypso

I was travelling on the train to (I am guessing as it’s the only place up here that has a mainline station!) Alnmouth, but I was really late and knew that my connecting bus/train was due to leave. If it did and I wasn’t on it, there wasn’t another one till the next day. The train was pretty strange too. It seemed old fashioned, but also advanced. The train itself was (I think) steam powered, but also had elements of a monorail system. The floor in places was glass so that the mechanics of the train, carriage and rail was visible. The train pulled into the station, which was pretty large if it was a provincial one and dark/dingy too. There was a digital clacker board thing that gave the bus and train departure times, but as I got into the octagonal concourse the last connecting bus status changed to departed. I looked about and there were groups of youths hanging about. I was the outsider and didn’t feel comfortable in there at all! I moved out of the gloom of the station and started to walk. It was a bright, sunny day and I recognised several of the roads as I walked towards Swarland. However, I started to realise just how far it was. Somehow (perhaps on a mobile I don’t remember using) I called Dad and he said he’d be there to pick me up. Minutes later he arrived and we walked back to where he had parked the car.
Also, at some point I was on Facebook and updating my status – I don’t remember what it said though.


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