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Dream 07.09.2013
Halloween, Calypso

There was a large village with curio shops, tourist type things, so it was either a coastal place or somewhere like the Lakes/Peaks or Highlands. There were a lot of places selling silver/pewter items and Celtic style design. I think I was with Mom and we were window shopping for the most part. We started walking past a grand town hall; wrought iron railings and a large stone clad staircase leading to ornate wooden doors. There were columns to the façade as well and the entrance was set back under a stone portico. I went in the place, leaving Mom outside still shopping I guess, and the foyer had a large ornate staircase leading to a very big meeting hall. It had wood panelled walls, large windows down the one side, a dais to the one end and there was some kind of gathering occurring; buffet tables were laid out down the side opposite the windows. I think there was a large stone fireplace between the buffet tables as well.
I wasn’t sure I should have been there, I didn’t recognise any of the people there, but they didn’t seem fazed by my appearing at their soiree! I then felt something, like a shiver running down my spine and I turned, seeing a guy over towards the window. He was dressed in furs, long hair and he looked like he was about to leave. I noticed the sword at his side as he turned away from me. In a second I was by his side and had placed my hand over his on the hilt of the ivory handled dragon Katana.
“Duncan?” I asked and he turned. It was him. He smiled and we hugged and kissed (friendly, not passionate!). He called me by my name (not Carrie or Magenta…wish I could remember what it was!). He said something about him not expecting me to be there and I replied with something along the lines of ‘us Immortals, no matter what kind, had to stick together’. I was not one of the Highlander immortals, but was immortal – vampire again it would seem. We chatted for a while, we’d not seen each other in about 100yrs or so. Then I saw something or someone and hurriedly explained that I had to go, but that we’d catch up later.
Rest is a bit hazy and disjointed.
I was in tunnels below the town, and with a group of people (I think some of them were armed). I was helping them out tracking through the dark – I could see perfectly well of course, but they were struggling with flashlights. I think they were storm drains, as they were large brick/concrete tunnels with access points every so often (steel steps up to platforms). The group were slowing me down, so I tricked them into thinking that they were being targeted by the Predator – the 3 red laser points on the back of the guy at point seemed to dissuade them from accompanying me any further. Through the twists and turns the tunnels opened out into a large pumping room I think; old rusted machinery, a few dirty and low powered lights were on. I crept in and saw a group of people tied up and shoved against the far wall. They were hostages. There was a guy in the centre of the room with a walkie talkie and a large semi-auto gun. He turned round and it was Iain Beale from Eastenders!! From somewhere and I really don’t know how, when or where I had a baby in my arms (not mine!!). I stepped out from behind the crates I was crouched by and stood before Iain. The baby was obviously connected to him somehow cos he was mad, spitting mad! He threatened me and postured with his gun. I very calmly informed him that if he didn’t let the hostages go I would kill the baby. I felt my fangs extend slightly and was tracing my elongated and incredibly sharp fingernail across the baby’s skin. It sliced just slightly and I licked the blood from the tip of my nail. Iain rushed me (don’t know where the baby ended up!) and I was livid he’d tried to shoot me (nicked my shoulder, hurt but healed). I vamped out at him; eyes went black, fangs fully extended and forced him back to the corner of the room where I told him to sit! He was terrified.
I went back to the group and noticed it was Rob, Carl, Amy, Chris, etc (most of the pub peeps basically) and I could see that they’d witnessed everything and were a little on the shocked side.


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